Investing in retro-fitted cavity wall insulation in your home isn’t necessarily that cosy for homeowners.

Investing in retro-fitted cavity wall insulation in your homes isn’t necessarily that cosy for homeowners.

Neville Roberts, a property surveyor at Morris, Marshall and Poole, explains how the trend for retro-fitted cavity wall insulation isn't necessarily always a good idea and might prevent you from selling your home in the future.

Lately I’ve been coming across some homes for sale that have had insulation retro-fitted into cavity wall spaces only to find mortgage companies won’t lend money to prospective buyers.

Why? You might be surprised.

Not suitable for all properties
Not all properties can have cavity insulation retro-fitted. I know that’s hard to believe, but steel framed and even some modern timber framed properties can develop problems as a result of having such insulation retro-fitted.

I recently agreed a sale on a property in Newtown that had cavity wall insulation fitted after it had been constructed.

This wasn’t a problem in itself, except that the timber frame and this type of construction should not have been retro-fitted because of problems with internal condensation.

When a survey was carried out on the house, the potential buyer was told by their mortgage company they would not lend on the property and the sale fell through.

The same issue affected the sale of a steel framed bungalow.

I have seen for myself the problems cavity wall insulation can cause if installed in the wrong place.

Can cause dampness
The particular property was constructed with an inner leaf of concrete blockwork and an outer leaf of brick and had a cavity which had been retro-fitted with insulation.

Not long after the insulation had been installed, damp started appearing on the inside walls of the dwelling.

The damp was caused by the cavity insulation and when several bricks were taken out the insulation was found to be wet, causing the damp, and had to be taken out.

As we’re all being urged to become more environmentally aware and to ensure our homes are as energy efficient as possible, it’s best to ensure your home is suitable for retro-fitted cavity wall insulation.

Speak to specialists and at least two installers of such a product before you go ahead. Otherwise, it could be a costly investment when it comes to trying to sell your home in the future.

Our team here at Morris, Marshall and Poole can provide property valuations as well as undertaking full property inspections which would highlight such issues.

So if you’re considering buying or selling a property, why not talk to us.

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