170-year-old Montgomeryshire cottage reveals its historic past

Ivy Cottage, Llawryglyn, Trefeglwys, Powys

A cottage sat within the tranquil Mid Wales hamlet of Llawr-y-glyn near Llanidloes hides a past that many people passing it will not realise.

Ivy Cottage, Llawryglyn, Trefeglwys, PowysThe stone building, which today is named Ivy Cottage, was built exactly 170-years-ago in 1844 as a chapel. It didn’t become a home for over 30 years.

Local families are well aware of its past, but current owner Lawrence Hankin says many people pass without realizing its religious past.

He will be opening the doors to Ivy Cottage for a sales open day on Sunday, 5th October with Morris, Marshall and Poole between 11am and 4pm for prospective buyers to view the home.

The chapel became so packed that in 1872 a new chapel was built and opened nearby. A local farming family owned the property for many years as a house and in the mid 1990s they renovated it further.

“You can still see where there were two doors to what was the chapel. One for the men and another for the women. The one door is stoned up but can be seen from the outside,” he said. Mr Hankin bought the property eight years ago and has undertaken his own renovation.

The cottage is also close to what was Montgomeryshire very first Board School. These were schools set up with funding from a local levy because voluntary schools did not take off.

The school was controlled by the Trefeglwys Schools Board set up under the Elementary Education Act 1870.

Now, over 170 years since it was built and opened, Ivy Cottage has been put up for sale through Mid Wales and Shropshire estate agents Morris, Marshall and Poole for £164,950.

“It’s a shame to selling what is a lovely cottage in an amazing community. But with its wealth of history and character I’m sure someone else will be able to enjoy its charm,” said Mr Hankin.

The three-bedroom property has its own enclosed garden and parking which leads to the local brook.

More details about Ivy Cottage can be found at www.morrismarshall.co.uk. The open day will be held between 11am and 4pm on Sunday, 5th October.


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