Where would your favourite place be to live in Mid Wales and Shropshire

Where's your favourite place to live in Mid Wales and Shropshire?

We all have a dream about living in a favourite place we've visited, work in or even drive through. Last month it emerged that Llanidloes was one of the most desirable places to live in Wales, according to the Royal Mail.

The Severn Valley in Montgomeryshire, Powys, Mid Wales ©OwainBettsThe survey was based on crime, jobs and health and marked the 40th anniversary of the introduction of the postcode. It follows an article by The Guardian which promoted the virtues of living in Llanidloes earlier this year.

But it got us thinking here at MMP about which communities, towns or villages in Mid Wales and Shropshire would be the most desirable to live in. And to be honest we couldn't answer the question ourselves.

As one of the area's leading estate agents selling homes, land and commercial property we are often asked about which parts of Mid Wales and Shropshire are the best places to live or work in.

With a broad range of places to live, from urban and large towns to idyllic market towns, villages and valleys, there's just too much choice.

And then there's the type of property. Small or large, old or new? And no matter where you look throughout the region there's a wide choice to choose from.

So where would you ideally like to live and why? What is that attracts you to that particular place? The enviornment, types of properties, community, schools, amenities, people?

Tell us what you think and what makes that place so special on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/morrismarshallandpoole or tweet us @mmp_agents or www.twitter.com/mmp_agents We'd love to hear your views.

Caption: The Severn Valley ©OwainBetts


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