Many Mid Wales landlords are unaware of new housing bill requirements, warns estate agent

Many Mid Wales landlords are unaware of new housing bill requirements, warns estate agent

A Mid Wales estate agent has warned that many domestic landlords in the region are unaware of the implications of a new Housing Bill passed by the National Assembly for Wales.

Part of the Housing (Wales) Bill will make it mandatory for landlords throughout Wales to register themselves and their properties as part of a registration system aimed at making the sector more accountable.

Morris Marshall and Poole“Many domestic landlords in Mid Wales are not aware of the implications of the Bill which is likely to become law in April 2015,” said Andrew Turner, partner at estate agents and auctioneers, Morris Marshall and Poole, which has offices throughout Mid Wales and Shropshire.

“Part of the Bill means all domestic landlords and agents will have to be registered along with their domestic rented properties. If they don’t they could face fines.”

The Housing (Wales) Bill was introduced in November last year and was scrutinized by Assembly Members earlier in July before being passed.

It is likely to receive Royal Assent sometime after August, becoming law early in 2015.

The Bill includes:

  • A mandatory registration system for all landlords of domestic properties;
  • A licensing regime for landlords and agents who undertake letting and management activities.

“We are advising domestic landlords to make themselves aware of the Bill and the implications it will have on them, specifically the requirement of the mandatory registration system,” added Andrew.

“If they have an agent acting on their behalf they should be able to guide them through the implications of the Bill. Otherwise, it’s worth them talking to a property professional to ensure they know what is happening and it’s impact on them.”

Morris, Marshall and Poole manages more than 600 properties throughout Mid Wales and Shropshire on behalf of landlords and is in the process of informing them on what to do when the Bill becomes law.

It is already accredited by the Welsh Landlords Accreditation Scheme.

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