Would you buy a house you only looked at for 33 minutes?

View a house to buy

We’re always intrigued by research into property. And one of the latest bits of research to make the headlines is that apparently last year the typical house buyer took 33 minutes to look around a house before making an offer to purchase it.

The research conducted by Aviva suggested people were making snap decisions, with one in four of home owners saying they made just one viewing before deciding to buy the property.

Here at Morris, Marshall and Poole we’re experienced estate agents in Powys, Shropshire, Gwynedd and Ceredigion and we know that buying a house will be one of the most expensive and biggest decisions most people will ever make. That’s why we’d suggest spending a bit more time when considering buying your future home.

Morris Marshall and Poole for sale signHalf an hour on one visit will help you get a feel for a property, but you might want a little but longer or event a second viewing to double check you’ve seen everything and that the property ticks all the right boxes.

For example:

What’s the condition of the decor? How much will you have to spend on it?

If the carpets are included, are they in good condition or even the right colour?

Does the kitchen need upgrading?

Is the bathroom in need of the TLC?

Do you want to extend on the back of the property?

Do the windows need replacing?

We could go on with the sort of questions you should be asking yourself when viewing a home you’re thinking of buying.

It’s worth writing a list down of what you want in your new home and checking this off as you go around. Why not make some notes and then when you leave you can have a think and then ask some questions through the estate agent or consider a second visit if you’re considering putting in an offer.

But 33 minutes to view a home and then making a decision to buy? No, it’s a big decision. Talk to your estate agent and make sure you know exactly what you’re buying, what needs doing (if anything) to the property and then consider making an offer.


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